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In fondo, se si tratta di un braccio di ferro di sentimenti, a me va bene perdere. 

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How to Identify a Psychopath

Me lo devo rileggere:

  1. Look for glib and superficial charm. A psychopath will also put on what professionals refer to as a “mask” of sanity that is likeable and pleasant. For example, the psychopath may do good deeds to gain his or her victims trust.
  2. Look for a grandiose self perception. Psychopaths will often believe they are smarter or more powerful than they actually are.
  3. Watch for a constant need for stimulation. Stillness, quiet and reflection are not things embraced by psychopaths. They need constant entertainment and activity.
  4. Determine if there is pathological lying. A psychopath will tell all sorts of lies; little white lies as well as huge stories intended to mislead.
  5. Evaluate the level of manipulation. All psychopaths are identified as cunning and able to get people to do things they might not normally do. They can use guilt, force and other methods to manipulate.
  6. Look for any feelings of guilt. An absence of any guilt or remorse is a sign of psychopathy.
  7. Consider the affect or emotional response a person has. Psychopaths demonstrate shallow emotional reactions to deaths, injuries, trauma or other events that would otherwise cause a deeper response.
  8. Look for a lack of empathy. Psychopaths are callous and have no way of relating to non-psychopaths.
  9. Take a look at the person’s lifestyle. Psychopaths are often parasitic, meaning they live off other people.
  10. Observe the person’s behavior. The Hare Checklist includes three behavior indicators; poor behavior control, sexual promiscuity and early behavior problems.
  11. Talk about goals. Psychopaths have unrealistic goals for the long term. Either there are no goals at all, or they are unattainable and based on the exaggerated sense of one’s own accomplishments and abilities.
  12. Look at whether the person is impulsive or irresponsible. Both those characteristics are evidence of psychopathy.
  13. Consider whether the person can accept responsibility. A psychopath will never admit to being wrong or owning up to mistakes and errors in judgment.
  14. Examine marital relationships. If there have been many short term marriages, the chances the person is a psychopath increase.
  15. Look for a history of juvenile delinquency. Many psychopaths exhibit delinquent behaviors in their youth.
  16. Check for criminal versatility. Psychopaths are able to get away with a lot, and while they might sometimes get caught, the ability to be flexible when committing crimes is an indicator.
  17. Check out if a person makes constant use of “the poor fellow’s imagery”.Psychopaths are experts at manipulating our emotions and insecurities into causing us to view them as “poor injusticed fellows”, thus lowering our sentimental guard and rendering us vulnerable for future exploitation. If this psychological resource is continually combined with unacceptable and evil actions, this equals to a powerful alert sign about this person’s real nature.
  18. Pay extreme attention to the person’s treatment towards others.Psychopaths are generally prone to belittle, humiliate, mistreat, mock and even attack physically (or kill, in extreme cases) people who normally would bring no benefits to him/her in any way, such as subordinates, physically frail or lower-ranking people, children, elderly people and even animals - especially the latter ones. Remember Arthur Schopenhauer’s famous words: “A person who harms or kills animals cannot be a good person at all”. Another relevant saying is Mahatma Gandhi’s famous speech, “You know somebody well for their treatment towards their animals”.
From WikiHow.
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Se leggo bene i presagi astrali, presto le campane suoneranno per te. Le luci si accenderanno. Partiranno gli inni in tuo onore. È come se stessi per vincere una fortuna in un quiz televisivo, per ottenere il massimo dei voti all’esame finale o per essere accolto come un re o una regina di ritorno a casa. Ma forse sto esagerando un po’ con le mie proiezioni, e non succederà niente di così eclatante. Forse opererai semplicemente la Guarigione dell’anno, scoprirai il Secreto del decennio, o proverai l’Orgasmo più importante del secolo."
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Se hai intenzione di scagliare fulmini, assicurati di essere ben riscaldato e nel pieno delle tue forze prima di farlo. Sarebbe un peccato se scagliassi un fulmine che assomiglia a una manciata di lucciole e suona come una colomba che tuba. E non pensare che io stia scherzando perché te lo dico in tono faceto. È una faccenda seria. La vita ti sta offrendo la possibilità di fare veramente una bella figura, e voglio che tu sia forte, deciso e selvaggio quanto serve. Non trattenere la tua energia per paura di urtare i sentimenti degli altri. Sfrutta il dio o la dea del cielo che è dentro di te e divertiti a esprimere tutta la tua potenza."
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